Good design starts with a vision, and this is how ALTAI IMAGES was born. You may be a business owner, a nonprofit, a club, a church, an author or none of the above, but you do have a vision. You know who you are, or perhaps you want to reshape the way others perceive you. I will help you through the thinking process and I will deliver you the visual tools you need to get your message across.

The name ALTAI IMAGES itself is no accident; this adventure was in the making for a long time before it finally came into life. We all learn from our experiences and our journeys; I learned a lot from travelling the world and hiking the mountains, including some in Central Asia, where the Altai Range can be found. I learned about effort, about openness, about adaptability, sometimes about survival, and above everything else I learned about connections with other human beings as well as with the entire creation.

Design is as ancient as civilization itself; it has helped us to communicate with each other, to influence, to amaze, to teach one another. It has followed the progress of technology and yet, at its core, it hasn’t changed at all. Design remains a powerful and ubiquitous tool; it can be found literally everywhere. It connects us.

ALTAI IMAGES is built upon that belief that we all need connections, maybe now more than ever; and this is the task it takes on for its clients.

Share your vision with us and we will shape it and breathe it into life. But before anything else, we’ll LISTEN to you and make sure that we HEAR you.

My Story

I was born in Southern France, in a place where the sky is said to always be blue and the wind to always blow. None of that is true, of course, but I presume that is where my passion for light, travel and other cultures originated, because my homeland is just as diverse as it is ancient. 

I am an environmentalist and a visual storyteller; therefore, while quality and compelling design are my ultimate goal, I do not believe that is enough. Sustainable design, which puts desires and concepts into action while making wise choices for our environment, is just as important. I dispute the idea that we can do nothing to slow down the environmental threats we are facing. And what a better feeling for clients than to realize good environmental choices are almost always smart business choices as well?  

Over the past years, I have built experience in a broad range of fields, such as branding and corporate identity, catalogues and annual reports, book covers, ad campaigns and fundraising items, children book Illustrations, graphic novels and storyboards, photojournalism, stage and concerts photography and web design.