This Is Me

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I was born in a place where the sky is said to always be blue and the wind to always blow. None of that is true of course but I took at least two elements out of that cliché: my passion for light, for travel and for other cultures. Well, that's three things, in fact.

My formal training as a designer comes from Kent State University, an American school. But my true roots are in the Old World illustrative tradition. This is where I find an endless source of inspiration when I take on an illustration project.

Besides design, I am an outdoors person, a Wilderness lover, and an History nerd. I also used, a long time ago, to round up sheep and to train horses, and to be a French Air Force Officer. It is what it is.

I created Frédéric Vigne Photography in 2010 in France and I turned it into a LLC in 2013 in Ohio. I renamed it Altai Images LLC in 2015, as graphic design was becoming an increasing part of my everyday work. Why Altai? You'll ask me when you meet me if you want to.