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FréDéric Vigne
Founder and Creative Director

I was born in Southern France, in a place where the
sky is said to always be blue and the wind to always blow. None of that is true of course but I presume that
is where my passion for light, for travel and for other cultures came from. 

It all starts with a vision, and this is how ALTAI IMAGES was born. You may be a business owner, a nonprofit, a club, a church, an author or none of the above, but you too have a vision. I will help you through the thinking process and I will deliver you the visual tools you need
to get your message across.

I strongly believe that good design is an obvious goal, but this is not enough. Sustainable design, which is putting wishes and preaches into action, is just as important. I dispute the idea that we can do nothing to slow down the environmental threats we are facing.

And what a better feeling for clients to realize that good environmental choices are almost always smart business choices as well?